Centre for Skills and Training

This program caters for Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students who want a vocational pathway while completing the NTCET. Registration for 2024 is now open.

About the Centre for Skills and Training

Darwin High School students have access to a wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs that offer students recognised training within an industry area of their choosing.

The centre provides vocational education training pathways for students at Darwin High School and invites students to register for the upcoming intake. Students will be able to enter a pathway focused on gaining the skills that may lead to a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship while gaining their NTCET or a full-time apprenticeship post-school. This will enable students to gain competencies towards Certificate II or III as well as NTCET credits.

Students will learn skills such as:

  • financial literacy
  • team work
  • problem solving
  • communication

What will I learn?

Year 10

Students will undertake a VET course or work experience and PLP, English, Mathematics and Wellbeing at school. 

Other courses or programs may be available to students not undertaking VET or a School Based Apprenticeship i.e. Duke of Edinburgh, First Aid, Community Studies, Royal Life Saving.

Year 11

Students will undertake a VET course or School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship, English, Mathematics, Community Studies and Wellbeing.

Selection Criteria:

Year 10:

  • Expression of interest for a VET program submitted.
  • Interest in pursuing a school-based apprenticeship, traineeship or trade.
  • Commitment to participating in work experience.
  • Demonstrated commitment to attend and engage in the program.
  • Commitment to achieving the NTCET.

Year 11:

As above or currently undertaking a SBAT.

Entry requirements

Families must complete the expression of interest form and interviews will be held for those shortlisted. Further information will be provided at the interview. Current Darwin High School students and those residing in our feeder area will be given priority placement.

Registration for the 2024 Centre for Skills and Training Program closes on Friday 22 September.

VET and the NTCET

To complete the NTCET, students must achieve 200 NTCET credits, 150 of which can be gained through VET. Within these, students must also satisfy the literacy and numeracy requirements of the NTCET. The remaining 10 credits are gained from the Personal Learning Plan (10 credits).

Students can earn 5 NTCET credits for successfully completing 35 hours of VET, and 10 NTCET credits for 70 hours. The SACE Board will decide whether the NTCET credits earned for a particular VET qualification will be recognised at Stage 1 or Stage 2.

About VET programs

VET programs can provide students with the skills, knowledge and competencies required for the work environment and are available across a wide range of industry areas. Students can do VET whilst continuing with the normal school curriculum. On successful completion of a VET program, students can gain credit towards the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training.

There are two VET strands available to students:

VET in Schools

VET in Schools (VETiS) programs operate for a full day one or two days per week or in blocks. Block training can be conducted over one to two weeks, a few times each Semester or throughout the year at a variety of Training Organisations across Darwin. Most often they are at the Certificate I and Certificate II level.

To apply for the VETiS program visit our Careers Centre.

Australian School Based Apprenticeships or Traineeships

School based Apprenticeships or Traineeships (SBAT) operate on one or two days per week and are paid employment and training. Students need to approach employers and apply for a SBAT using similar strategies as they would for any job. SBAT’s are available throughout Darwin in a wide range of industries. They are often at the Certificate II or Certificate III level.

To apply for an SBAT decide on Industry area/Apprenticeship, participate in Work Experience to make sure it is the right choice and then register with a Group Training Company OR find an Employer. To find our more visit the Careers Centre in the Library or visit the GTNT website.

Most VET programs are available for Year 10 right through to Year 12 students.

Student testimonials

Rowan Hollingworth - Year 10

I Joined CST to help me achieve my goal in becoming a Pest Technician like my brother and father who I aspire to be like. Learning in CST class is really helpful as the flexible timetable allows me to be out of the class 3 days a week working at my workplace as an apprentice. I know that when I return to school the next week, I'm not falling behind in class and I'm getting one step closer to getting my NTCET. I now have my pest licence to do General Pest and will soon be able to do Timber Pest and start my Certificate III in Pest Management. The CST classes are really useful for a person like me who’s getting a head start in the world of trade because the lessons are based on skills and knowledge like literacy and numeracy that will be a great help in workplace.

Caitlin Fitzgerald - Year 11

I joined the Centre for Skills and Training (CST) at the beginning of this year. I'm in year 11 and went straight into looking for an apprenticeship/traineeship. I had my eye on completing a certificate 3 in business, ideally through a traineeship. Although I didn't see myself in a business career, I plan on getting into Agriculture, so a certificate in business will help me with bookkeeping and accounting which is crucial when running a property/business.

After many applications I finally found a business willing to take me on as an admin trainee- a locally owned safety shop. They offer training services, safety audits and inspections, as well as selling safety products in their retail store front.

I work there three days a week as the office trainee. The majority of the customers my work deals with are thirty-day accounts, meaning most of my work is putting together customer and supplier statements, filing, entering and remitting payments, and other basic admin duties.

I use MYOB and Retail Express along with other software applications and computer systems to access documents and enter remittances/payments/information. I work in a small team who are patient, supportive and always take the time to help me out.

As part of my theory to complete my certificate 3 in business, I have to do an online course with Alana Kaye, my Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Overall, I like my traineeship and the CST has given me the chance to still complete my subjects and gain enough NTCET points and graduate a year early.

Pictured above: Rowan Hollingworth - Year 10

Kai Jansen - Year 11

I joined the Centre for Skills and Training (CST) class so I can work on my apprenticeship and finish school at the same time. The CST class is flexible through being able to allow me to work on my assignments and schoolwork and do my apprenticeship by scheduling my work and deadlines with the days I’m not in school. School helps me learn my numeracy and literacy skills for work as well with working around measurements and quantities and helping me communicate with workmates. The CST helped me get my apprenticeship by showing me how to communicate with the employer, write out my resume and look employable to my employer. I am now in a school-based apprenticeship for plumbing working four days a week and being able to do one day of school while still being able to get my NTCET. The CST helps me through my pathway by giving me the time to be able to work through my apprenticeship and get my NTCET and pass school.

The Compass App

Students and their families are encouraged to download the Darwin High School Compass app to their smart phone/tablet device. Compass app allows you to stay up to date with announcements and events, complete a range of e-forms for student absences and excursions and easily contact us via phone or email direct from the app.

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