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​Young Performers take on Tough Topics

​Young Performers take on Tough Topics

Many Darwin High School students were again involved in SLIDE’s Brave production at the Darwin Entertainment Centre at the end of last month.

The 2019 performance featured current students, graduates and even our own dance teacher Julia Quinn.

SLIDE goes by the mantra, “by youth, for youth” and Brave, is a local call to action, exploring the confronting, harsh realities of bullying. The production was supported by Headspace and works to inspire young audiences to become stronger, braver young adults.

Brave is a story about Willow, a young girl who, as a result of cyberbullying and bullying in the school yard and beyond becomes increasingly isolated and targeted. Willow has moments where she questions whether she wants to be here. Willow’s family fight for her.

Audience feedback:

I went to watch BRAVE last night and it was absolutely brilliant! Had me captivated from start to end. So emotional. Duarte (son) was complaining before we even got in about being dragged there to watch some boring show, but he never asked once after it started when it was going to end! Best money I’ve paid to see a show in Darwin.


Had a close friend who took her 13 year old daughter along, tell me today that her daughter told her she felt like “Willow” ….broke my heart….but without seeing this amazing production her mum may never have known that! She is aware now how her daughter is feeling and hopefully keep on top of it! That’s one person being helped…..and am sure many more!

Steph Cvirn

We went to see BRAVE last night (that’s my daughter, Sarah, who is 15 and myself). It was an amazing play and performance, although very deep and heavy for a mid-week event. I spent half the time crying! A couple of people at work went with their kids as well and same sort of feedback. Loved every minute of it. We had a chat at work this morning about it and the general consensus was that there was so much talent in our community, and everyone had a real aha-moment when they saw so many talented young people. Overall it generated a really good chat with Sarah about this kind of stuff on the way home. Would definitely go again to watch, my colleague said the same.

Diane Cox

Emotionally stirring. Inspiring. Well done to the choreographers, cast and supporters. Dance is such a powerful medium of expression and therapy. Love seeing Darwin supporting local artists. I hope the message continues to influence how we treat others.

Lorna Murphy

As a teacher of a middle school the message is clear and concise to what our youth need to do. BRAVE clearly paints a vivid picture of the consequences of being unkind. A message to all our youth of today.

Sara Materazzo

Very confronting show amazing talented young people of Darwin.

Marilyn McPherson

I feel compelled to say congratulations and just Wow - such a powerful show I witnessed last night, I left feeling slightly shell shocked and very emotional. The teenagers performing were extraordinary in their craft and their maturity to be a part of such a confronting yet honest and beautiful show. Being a mum of 5 children, I was very moved and very grateful for the strong messages that were performed by teenagers for teenagers! Thank you.

Jo Dunne-Politis

Students explained that BRAVE was an ‘intriguing educational work’ that ‘engaged and allowed every person watching to relate and connect with the messages including think before you speak – defend others, don’t be a bystander – be yourself – don’t judge others – connect with people’ through the mode of dance theatre. The unfolding of events; ‘funny, shocking and sad’, including ‘relatable characters, a fantastic soundtrack, superb lighting and clever, accessible and layered choreography’, touched and captured the hearts of the young (and old) audiences. An ‘exceptional and vital dance theatre work changing lives’ and ‘starting important conversations’. Students suggested that this work should be seen by every school student.

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