Specialist Sport Program (Tennis)


This is a semester course, the aim of which is to maximize the tennis development of players as they train and receive coaching within the curriculum.

Course details

  • Further study Stage 2 Integrated Learning PE (2PEDY)

About the subject

Participants in this course will be offered study in tennis at an intermediate to elite level. This is a Stage I programme offered to interested students who wish to maximise their development of tennis skills as they train and receive coaching within the curriculum. Participants will receive specialist coaching and will be a member of the school development squad and take part in competitions.

Participants will receive specialist coaching and will be a member of the school development squad and take part in competitions. The subject consists of two areas:Practical Skills and Application, and Principles and Issues.

Students complete two or three practicals for a 10-credit subject and analysis from the following Principles and Issues topics:

  • Skill Development
  • Game play and tactics
  • Coaching and Umpiring
  • Fitness Development
  • Sports Psychology
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Personal Development
  • Principles of Training
  • Goal Setting
  • History of Tennis

Through the issues analysis, students identify and pursue topics of interest. Students analyse issues that are relevant to local, regional, national, or global communities.

Who is this subject for?

This subject is available in the second semester and caters for students with a strong interest in Tennis at an intermediate or elite skill level.

Instructed by the Stephen Lewis-Driver (Nationally accredited professional coach Tennis Australia), the course aims to develop the skills and understanding of participants in all areas of the sport.

Students have access to 7 tennis courts on the school grounds and all modern training aids. Students also have access to a weight training program, incorporated with the school gymnasium, to further enhance the experience offered.


Practical sessions

In each practical, students analyse their own techniques independently, implement and effectively apply strategies to perform a wide range of skills and techniques, and interpret and apply rules and guidelines, knowledge, and strategies.

Students undertake a variety of assessments related to their practicals, such as:

  • an observation checklist
  • an objective practical skills test
  • peer assessment
  • an officiating checklist
  • a coaching checklist
  • a video analysis


For the folio, students undertake assessments related to the two areas of study.

  • Task 1: An experimental or analytical approach to the nature of tennis and principles of training and well-being.
  • Task 2: Will focus on an issue related to fitness and nutrition specific to tennis relevant to local, regional, national, or local communities.

Students can use a variety of assessments to demonstrate their learning including:

  • laboratory explorations and reports
  • class work assignments
  • research assignments
  • survey work
  • case studies
  • oral presentations
  • audiovisual presentations
  • essays
  • tests and examinations.
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Specialist Sport Program (Tennis)
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