Marine Science


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In Marine Science (Stage 2 Scientific Studies) students develop their knowledge of scientific principles and concepts, the ability to use that knowledge to identify questions, issues, opportunities, and challenges, and the capacity to acquire new knowledge through their own investigations.

Examples of areas of study include.

  • geological origins of the oceans,
  • abiotic factors effecting marine life and
  • fisheries management and conservation
  • evolution of or marine life,
  • adaptations of marine organisms and
  • Marine ecosystems


Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

School-based AssessmentWeighting
Investigations Folio40%
Skills and Applications Tasks30%
External Assessment 
Practical Investigation30%

Information on the External Assessment

The practical investigation consists of two parts:

  • investigation design proposal
  • investigation report

The investigation design proposal includes a statement of a question or hypothesis, identification of variables, and an outline of the proposed research approach and method. This is assessed before the student begins the practical investigation.

The investigation report includes the hypothesis investigated, the method, the results, the conclusion, and an evaluation of the practical investigation. It is presented in written form of up to a maximum of 1000 words for a 10-credit subject and up to 2000 words for a 20-credit subject.

The teacher and the SACE Board external assessor make a decision about the quality of the investigation with reference to performance standards.

Performance Standards

The Scientific Studies Subject Outline includes performance standards, which describe five levels of achievement that are reported with the grades A to E at the student’s completion of the subject.

The school-based assessments and the external assessment will be graded with reference to the performance standards.

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Marine Science
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