Centre for Excellence Chemistry


This subject is for students in the Centre for Excellence in Science and Mathematics only.

About the subject

The overarching theme for this course is Materials Chemistry. The course is accredited as Stage 1 Chemistry to allow students to have the background knowledge to successfully engage with Stage 2 Chemistry and other Stage 2 sciences, but extends it to apply specifically to the production of materials such as metals, alcohol, medications, plastics and cleaning products and the processes and issues associated with this production.

Course content

Topics covered include bonding, physical and chemical properties of metals and non-metals, extraction and use of metals, organic molecules and the production of products from these molecules.

Students will be encouraged to use inquiry based strategies to develop their knowledge and skills. Students will design and carry out their own practical investigations and make generalisations based on experimental evidence. There will be further opportunities for students to develop skill in generalising and drawing conclusions in explorative practical activities.

The design and content of the program is determined at the school level. Examples of areas of learning and topics include:

  • Atomic Structure and Periodic Table
  • Primary and Secondary Bonding
  • Extraction and Properties of Metals
  • Production of and Testing Ethanol
  • Production and Structure of Drugs
  • Polymers and Plastics
  • Cleaning Products


Assessment at Stage 1 is school based. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • Investigation Folio
  • Skills and Application Tasks

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