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This subject is for students in the Centre for Excellence in Science and Mathematics only.

About the subject

The overarching theme for this course is the Physics of Motorsport. The course has been split up into topics revolving around different types of car and motorbike racing including Formula 1, V8’s and Drag Racing. The appropriate Physics that explains how these sports work have then been inserted under the appropriate headings. This differs from a traditional physics course as the “usual” topics are being done in a very different order, when they are relevant to the component of the sport being studied.

One focus of the course will be on Physics and Chemistry skills and methodology including practical skills, practical write ups, extended answer questions and practical skills questions. These will give students the basic skills for further study and a better understanding of the Physics and Chemistry courses, both at Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Course Content

Students will design and carry out their own practical investigations and make generalisations based on experimental evidence. There will be further opportunities for students to develop skill in generalising and drawing conclusions in prescriptive practical activities. As students in first semester are gaining new skills, and we are emphasising practical based skills, there is a higher weighting placed on practicals.

The design and content of the program is determined at the school level. Examples of areas of learning and topics include:

  • NASCAR – uniform circular motion
  • Formula 1 - aerodynamics
  • Crashes and safety – Newton’s Law of Motion, momentum
  • V8’s – engines and motors, magnetism
  • Drag racing – straight line motion


Assessment at Stage 1 is school based. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types: 

  • Investigation Folio including practicals and research reports
  • Skills and Application Tasks involving tests and exams

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