Physical Education


Stage 1 Physical Education is an experiential subject in which students explore their physical capacities and investigate the factors that influence performance.

Course details

  • Further study Stage 2 Physical Education (2PEDY)

About the subject

Students explore and analyse associated performance, health, and lifestyle issues. Students acquire an understanding of human functioning and physical activity and an awareness of the community structures and practices that influence participation in physical activity. They develop skills in communication and investigation, and the ability to apply knowledge to practical situations. Students gain enjoyment from skilled performance in individual and group activities.

Students learn mainly through physical activity in a way that promotes immediate as well as long-term benefits to themselves and society. Stage 1 Physical Education consists of two areas:Practical Skills and Application, and Principles and Issues.

For a 10-credit subject, students complete two or three practicals. Principles and Issues consists of two areas of study:The Nature of Physical Activity and Issues Analysis.

The Nature of Physical Activity

This area of study requires an experimental, analytical approach to physical activity and well-being. Topics include:

  • fitness
  • human physical performance
  • training principles and methods
  • sports injuries
  • systems
  • participation in physical activity
  • body systems.

Issues Analysis

In this area of study students analyse issues that are relevant to local, national or global communities through topics of interest to them. Topics focus on physical activity and could include:

  • alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • gender
  • children
  • health risk factors
  • corruption
  • play education
  • cultural diversity
  • professionalism in sport
  • disability
  • risk management and safety
  • equal opportunity
  • sports injuries
  • sport in society.


Assessment at Stage 1 is school based. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • Practical
  • Folio

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