Specialist Mathematics


Specialist Mathematics develops an increasingly complex and sophisticated understanding of calculus, statistics, mathematical arguments, and proofs, and using mathematical models

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  • Further study Stage 2 Mathematical Methods
    Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics

About the subject

Through the use of functions, their derivatives, and integrals, and by mathematically modelling physical processes, students develop a deep understanding of the physical world through a sound knowledge of relationships involving rates of change. Students use statistics to describe and analyse phenomena that involve uncertainty and variation.

Mathematics at Stage 1 builds on the mathematical knowledge, understanding, and skills that students have developed in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability during Year 10.

Stage 1 Mathematics is organised into topics that broaden students’ mathematical experience, and provide a variety of contexts for incorporating mathematical arguments and problem-solving. The topics provide a blending of algebraic and geometric thinking. In this subject there is a progression of content, applications, and level of sophistication and abstraction.

Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics must be undertaken concurrently with Stage 1 Mathematical Methods. These courses consist of the following twelve topics:

  • Topic 1: Functions and Graphs
  • Topic 2: Polynomials
  • Topic 3: Trigonometry
  • Topic 4: Counting and Statistics
  • Topic 5: Growth and Decay
  • Topic 6: Introduction to Differential Calculus
  • Topic 7: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series
  • Topic 8: Geometry
  • Topic 9: Vectors in the Plane
  • Topic 10: Further Trigonometry
  • Topic 11: Matrices
  • Topic 12: Real and Complex Numbers.


Assessment at Stage 1 is school based. The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 1 Mathematics:

  • Assessment Type 1: Skills and Applications Tasks
  • Assessment Type 2: Mathematical Investigation.

There is also a formative examination which will be used to place students in the appropriate course/s in the next semester.

Students who achieve a C grade or better in this subject meet the NTCET compulsory 10-credit numeracy requirement

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Specialist Mathematics
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