In this subject students learn the practical skills needed to manage their own financial affairs and develop an understanding of the ethical considerations that affect financial decision-making.

  • Course Details
  • ATAR: Yes
  • NTCET Points: 20
  • Fee: No
  • Purchase of the SACE accounting workbook approximately $70.

About the Subject

In Stage 2 Accounting, students develop and extend their understanding of the underpinning accounting concepts and conventions used to understand and classify financial transactions within a business. Through the learning in the focus area of managing financial sustainability, students develop and apply their knowledge of accounting processes to prepare and report accounting information to meet stakeholder needs. Students transfer this knowledge to scenarios and consider the influence of local and global perspectives on accounting practices.

Students study the following three sections:

  • Focus 1: Understanding Accounting concepts and conventions
  • Focus 2: Managing financial sustainability
  • Focus 3: Providing Accounting advice


Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

School Based Assessment Weighting
  • Assessment Type 1: Accounting Concepts and Solutions
  • Assessment Type 2: Accounting Advice
External Assessment
  • Assessment Type 3: Examination

Information on the External Assessment - Examination (2 hours)

Students undertake a 2-hour examination. The examination includes a range of problem questions, including short-answer and extended-response questions. Problem questions integrate the key skills, knowledge, and understanding from all sections of the content with a focus on the knowledge, skills, applications, analysis, and interpretation involved in accounting practice.

This Assessment is graded by the SACE Board.

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