Robotic and Electronic Systems


Students analyse the impacts of technology, including consequences for individuals, society and the environment. 

Course Details

  • ATAR Eligible: Yes
  • NTCET Points: 20
  • Cost: $60

Counting restrictions: 40 Credits can be used for ATAR and must come from different Design, Technology and Engineering codes (2DCS20, 2IES20, 2MRS20, 2RES20).

About this Subject

Students will continue to consolidate and implement the technologies associated with electronics, and robotics in society. This is predominantly a practical, hands on subject. This subject is underpinned with major implications to the real and future world. This includes the workplace, home, industry and the environment. 

Concepts and practice of the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is also explored. Analogous problems are examined and translated via coding. The digitised solution is tested back out as a practical application into the analogue problem. Students learn to use tools, electronics, Arduino, industrial robot arms (IRB 120 and UR5E). 

Students produce outcomes that demonstrate the knowledge and skills associated with using control systems, processes, and materials such as electronic components, chips, circuitry, robotic components.


The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 2Design, Technology and Engineering subject - Robotic and Electronic Systems (2RES20):

School Based Assessment Weighting
  • Assessment Type 1: Specialised Skills Task
  • Assessment Type 2: Design Process and Solution
External Assessment
  • Assessment Type 3: Resource Study

Information on the External Assessment – Resource Study

The task is a written assignment and should be up to a total maximum of 2000 words. The task must showcase and evaluate the solution or product.

This Assessment is graded by the SACE Board.

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