Electronics and Robotics


In this subject students develop the ability to initiate, create and develop electronic products or systems in response to a design or specification brief.

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  • Cost The 2017 subject fee for Design and Technology – Electronics and Robotics is $40.00

About the subject

Students learn to use tools, materials, processes and systems safely and competently to complete an electronic product or system. Students analyse the impacts of technology, including consequences for individuals, society and the environment.

Course Content

This subject area involves the use of devices such as electrical, electronic, mechanical, and interface components, including programmable control devices, to design and make systems and control products. Students produce outcomes that demonstrate the knowledge and skills associated with using control systems, processes, and materials such as electronic components, chips, circuitry, robotic components, gears, levers, and drive train systems. Examples of contexts for systems and control products include:

  • Computer systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Electronic systems
  • Energy
  • Mechanical systems
  • Mechatronics (robotics)


In a 20-credit subject, students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • School Assessment:
    • Assessment Type 1: Skills and Applications Tasks (20%)
    • Assessment Type 2: Product (50%)
  • External Assessment:
    • Assessment Type 3: Folio (30%).

Information on the External Assessment (20-credit subject) - Folio 30%

For a 20-credit subject, students undertake one product design process and one product evaluation for the major product in Assessment Type 2. For the minor product, students do not include a separate design brief in the folio. The design brief for the minor product may be based on the design brief for the major product, or may be provided by the teacher.

This assessment type is designed to enable students to further develop and refine their use of the design process. They investigate technical skills, analyse possible applications of these skills, and evaluate ways in which their own skills have developed and improved.

Performance Standards

The Design & Technology subject Outline includes performance standards, which describe five levels of achievement that are reported with the grades A to E at the student’s completion of the subject. The school-based assessments and the external assessment will be graded with reference to the performance standards.

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Electronics and Robotics
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