Integrated Learning - Physical Education


The course is designed to meet the needs of students who enjoy the participation of a range of practical skills and applications, and their associated application of sporting principles and issues, but who experience difficulty in application and analysis of theoretical aspects associated with the examination components of the Stage 2 Physical Education course.

About the subject

Students undertaking Integrated Learning will be bringing together aspects of Physical Education and physical activity to form part of their learning in this subject. The subject will allow students to develop their interest in physical education and physical activity. Theoretical concepts will be applied in practical settings. Through the project, students will be given the opportunity to study an aspect of their fitness and perform a training program to enhance their understanding of aspects of their fitness, training programs and methods associated with their chosen sport.

Course content

The program has a focus on sports skills and fitness. Students will participate in selected individual and team sports. They will apply knowledge of energy systems and fitness components to the selected practical activities.


The capabilities are central to Integrated Learning and form the content of the key areas of study. The capabilities are reflected in the assessment requirements and performance standards of Integrated Learning. In Integrated Learning Physical Education, there will be a focus on Citizenship and Personal Development capabilities.

Citizenship: Integrated Learning Physical Education provides students with experiences that develop their ability to participate in, and contribute to, the life of the school and the wider community. Students develop their citizenship knowledge and skills by participating in a Coaching Course and delivering a Coaching Program to Primary School students over an extended period. Through the strong sense of personal identity that Integrated Learning encourages, students develop confidence, a sense of community, and learn to value their own lives.

Personal Development: Through the Sport Practicals, the Fitness Program and the Folio and Discussion task, Integrated Learning students have opportunities to develop decision-making skills, a strong sense of independence, awareness and knowledge of personal thinking and preferred ways of learning. Students learn ways of taking responsibility for planning and reviewing their own learning and decision-making. They plan, develop, and evaluate their learning in terms of how it relates to their own sense of fitness, health and well-being.


A variety of methods are utilised for the assessment tasks which may include oral, written or multimedia formats, integrating information and communication technologies.

School-based AssessmentWeighting
Group Coaching Practical20%
Folio and Discussion20%
External Assessment 
Fitness Program30%

Performance Standards

The Integrated Learning Subject Outline includes performance standards, which describe five levels of achievement that are reported with the grades A to E at the student’s completion of the subject.

The school-based assessments will be graded with reference to the performance standards.

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