This subject requires the interpretation of physical phenomena through a study of motion in two dimensions, electricity and magnetism, light and matter, and atoms and nuclei.

About the subject

In Physics students will study models, laws, and theories to better understand matter, forces, energy, and the interaction among them.

Course content

  • ATAR Eligible: Y
  • NTCET Points: 20
  • Cost: $40
  • Pre-requisites: Two semesters of Stage 1 Physics
  • It is highly recommended that students pass Stage 1 Mathematic Methods or Stage 1 General Mathematics

Students must be able to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding of the three strands of science.

  • science inquiry skills (SIS)
  • science as a human endeavor (SHE)
  • science understanding.
  • Science understanding is delivered under three main topic areas:

Topic 1: Motion and relativity

  • Projectile motion
  • Forces and momentum
  • Circular motion and gravitation
  • Relativity

Topic 2: Electricity and magnetism

  • Electric fields
  • Motion of charged particles in electric fields
  • Magnetic fields
  • Motion of charged particles in magnetic fields
  • Electromagnetic induction

Topic 3: Light and atoms

  • Wave behaviour of light
  • Wave-particle duality
  • Structure of the atom
  • Standard Model


Students provide evidence of their learning through eight assessments.

School based assessment (70%):

Seven tasks are completed throughout the school year. These tasks are graded at school prior to external moderation. All tasks have equal weighting.

School based assessment:

  • Investigation Folio (30%)
  • Completion Practical
  • Deconstruct and Design Practical
  • Science as a Human Endeavour Investigation
  • Skills and Applications Tasks (40%)
  • Test 1
  • Test 2
  • Test 3
  • Test 4

External Assessment (30%):

Examination: 2 hours

Stage 2 science inquiry skills and science understanding from all topics may be assessed.


  • will be of different types
  • may require students to show an understanding of science as a human endeavour
  • may require students to apply their science understanding from more than one topic.

For the examination, students are given a sheet containing symbols of common quantities, the magnitude of physical constants, some formulae, and standard SI prefixes.

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