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About the SIEU lesson structure

Students in the SIEU participate in 30 lessons a week - six lessons per day. Most students will have:

  • three lessons of English
  • one lesson of Mathematics
  • two option classes.


Usually, students will have two lessons of English which focus on reading and writing skills and one lesson which develops listening and speaking skills.


Maths classes within the SIEU, cater for the needs of students at their ability level and follow the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework.

Some students are able to access mainstream Mathematics courses in Year 10 and Stage 1 (Year 11), if they have high level mathematical skills and enough English language to enable them to be successful.


Students are able to choose from a range of option classes. These classes aim to provide students with curriculum knowledge, the opportunity to experience a variety of curriculum areas, as well as develop the English language skills needed for mainstream learning. Some option courses are compulsory.

Student expectations and support

At senior high school level it is expected that our students:

  • complete all assignments by the due data
  • be responsible and request support when finding an assignment difficult
  • be aware that assignments usually take several weeks to complete
  • start working on assignment as soon as they are given the task sheet

In order to enrol in Stage 1 (Year 11) subjects, students need to be working within ESL Level 5, Stage 2 (Year 12) subjects require ESL Level 6. To achieve these very high levels of English competency, students must be extremely responsible for their learning of English, whilst in the SIEU. Some students may have a combination of classes that could include SIEU, Year 10 and/or Year 11.

Students who are in the senior years of their schooling must complete their Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET) in order to enter the work force or continue their education.

Students must be at school for every lesson during the school term to ensure completion of all courses and assessment tasks. Students need to attend all lessons during the school term or they will be unable to complete their education and achieve their goals.

Please do not organise any holiday or overseas travel during school term dates, as this can cause your child to fail subjects, limit their learning in English and be unable to achieve their NTCET.

All students MUST be at school on the first day of term and attend every lesson during the term.

A written letter is required for every day that a student is absent from school. The school should also be informed by phone on the morning of an absence.

Homework centre

The Homework Centre is open after school for students who need to complete or catch up on school work and finish assessments. The Homework Centre is open in the library until 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. SIEU Bilingual officers are available in the Homework Centre to provide assistance until 4pm.

Students need to travel on the public bus service to return home after staying back at the Homework Centre.

The Compass App

Students and their families are encouraged to download the Darwin High School Compass app to their smart phone/tablet device. Compass app allows you to stay up to date with announcements and events, complete a range of e-forms for student absences and excursions and easily contact us via phone or email direct from the app.

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