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Arts Afternoon

Arts Afternoon

On 6 June 2016, five fabulous professionals of the Arts industry in Darwin spoke to 16 Indigenous students with an interest in careers in film, dance, music, acting, screen writing and production.

Will Tinapple, producer for ABC Open spoke first. He talked about the attitude and motivation that students need in order to get a foot in the door of this industry. He encouraged students to use their mobile phones to film whatever they can see, enter competitions, volunteer in their spare time to make themselves known in the industry and to get that valuable work experience and contacts.

Image above: Steven McGregor and Will Tinapple

Todd Williams, producer for VAMP TV, based at Sanderson Middle School, spoke about OPPORTUNITY. This means, when someone suggests something to you, think about it, do it. Don’t let it be forgotten because it is those suggestions, ideas and directions that become the OPPORTUNITIES that a person can grab and run with. Who knows what may lead to a job, work experience, a study option, a contact, another phone call.

Gary Lang presented the ‘realistic’ side of a career as an artist. Gary is the director and choreographer of Gary Lang NT Dance. He has produced and directed some of the most acclaimed dance performances seen in Darwin. His dance company has paired with Darwin Symphony Orchestra, the Darwin Festival and the Garramalang Festival in Darwin. His work is aired on NITV. Despite his success, Gary has other jobs, to take him through the times between performances. So he told the students, have other careers and be prepared to work in other jobs.

Steven McGregor is a very successful screen writer who has written for a number of different television and film productions, including Redfern Now. Steven also spoke from the heart, saying that artists have to put themselves out there, that is, you need to conquer your fear of being vulnerable, of having your work criticised or rejected.

Tessa Rose is an Indigenous actress from the Darwin region. She has had a very long career in the Arts and is preparing for her one-woman show later in the year. Tessa spoke about her early opportunities and that it doesn’t matter if you have to take a break, to have children or if just life takes you in different directions, you can always come back with a new idea, rejuvenated and ready to have another go.

Image above: Gary Lang and Tessa Rose

There were many questions and laughs from our small audience. Contact details between presenters and students were exchanged and a few students went home with information which will lead to OPPORTUNITIES for jobs and work experience.

Thank you to Barbara Tapsell for her welcome to country and MC on the day.

Thank you everyone for coming along.

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