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C4E Territory Wildlife Park Camp

C4E Territory Wildlife Park Camp

Last week, eighteen of our Year 10 C4E students and two teachers went on a two-day camp at the Territory Wildlife Park. The students are studying biodiversity conservation and evolution as part of their science program this term and the wildlife park provides a fantastic opportunity for the group to study these topics.

Arriving at the park on Monday 24 June, the group spent two days and an overnight camp participating in activities around the park. Everyone had a fantastic time, below is some feedback from students:

The cold temperature didn’t deter us from enjoying ourselves. We watched amazing birds swoop over our heads, we slept out under the stars, listened to dingoes at night and most of all we all laughed a lot! 

Elissa Huntingford

The camp was a great experience. The staff of the TWP were very nice and taught me the value of respect to the animals and to appreciate every living thing out there. It was a nice time to make new friends. The campfire, the 6oC morning and the lack of sleep are all experiences that I’ll never forget.

Steve Binu

I became closer friends with many people in this class.

Joan Jomon

It was very fun to experience the wildlife park differently. I enjoyed spending time with my classmates and doing activities with them. The activities at night were probably the best, which were spotlighting, visiting the nocturnal house and being by the campfire.

Csilla Nemeth

The Territory Wildlife Park excursion and camp allowed us to learn about the many species of animals and plants and how to handle them. We learned spider spotting, checking for edibility, handling snakes, cleaning up cane toads and effective camping. The aquarium had many species and we learned of their functions in ecosystems.

Farok Al-Ibrahim

It was overall a great experience and I had a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed our guide’s helpful insights and their knowledge into the lives of animals. It was a nice way for me to unwind and relax with my friends, marking the end of the term. 

Fisher Harris

The camp proved to be a timeless experience since it’s not usual to camp at the Territory Wildlife Park with your classmates. It’s quite breathtaking looking at nature’s beauty with your friends. 

Mayooran Sathyendra

The Territory Wildlife Park excursion was an exciting experience that allowed the class to explore the diverse wildlife in all aspects of nature. The best part of trip was the bird show at the flight deck. It was very well organized and timed, and we could get up close and personal with the birds. We also learnt survival skills and safety during the camping trip.

Georgina Roy

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