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Creative Arts Exhibition

Creative Arts Exhibition

On Friday 9 June Darwin High School Year 11 Creative Art students held an exhibition to showcase some of their outstanding pieces.

Mya Sparnon

Mya has used pencil and photocopies of Darwin maps on watercolour paper. This piece is about Mya moving to Darwin from Adelaide, with the green portrait her friend in Adelaide and the Red one herself. She has drawn them on maps of Darwin and they are about her missing her friends and family in Adelaide.

Zoe Chesworth, Cracking the heart in two

Zoe uses coloured pencil, graphite pencil and ink on book pages, Zoe's piece tells a story of love and heartbreak. The emotion blossoms before quickly turning sour and dying. It aims to be slightly cynical about the basis of a relationship.

Delilah Murphy 

Delilah has used coloured pencil, food dye and gel pens. This piece is about the celestial realm relating to the sky, galaxy and spirituality specifically Buddhism. Buddhist symbols of the dharma chakra represent the eight noble paths Buddha took to reach enlightenment. The parasol symbolises an umbrella protecting us from the influences of the world much like rain and sun but metaphorically representing the parasol as shielding the individual from harm’s way.

Carlos Jacinto 

Carlos uses acrylic paint and ink. This piece depicts a combination of the face of Lady Gaga from an album cover and some techniques inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

Jayde Blunden, My Love of Cars

Jayde has used coloured pencil to depict his love of cars.

Sunni-Rae Healey-Morrison 

Sunni-Rae has used acrylic paint to depict a surreal work representing themes of music, time and opposites. She wanted the audience to question the meaning of time. In Surrealist Art which influences this work, in dreams and the subconscious mind, time is of little importance.

Natasha Middleton

Natasha Middleton uses coloured pencil and gel pens. The work is based around the emotion of pain, so I personified nature showing the pain nature goes through when it is hurt or killed by what humans currently do to the earth. The work is an environmental statement.

Zion Pureau 

Zion has used graphite pencils and pen/ink to create a work that represents life and death.

Jade Forwood 

Jade uses oil paint to convey her sadness and to spread awareness about the reality of poverty leading to world hunger. 

Bridget Myerscough 

Bridget has used acrylic exterior paint to depict how Australian society has become more multicultural and it needs to be acknowledged that there is no longer just one criterion of what makes someone Australian. The stereotypical standards of beauty no longer apply as many people used to envision all Australian people as tanned, blonde and thin. I tried to represent this through the combination of traditional Australian symbols placed alongside a girl of Fillipino descent. I chose to explore multiculturalism, belonging and the stereotypes of Australian society. 

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