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DHS World Challenge Team Update

DHS World Challenge Team Update

On Saturday 23 November the 2019 DHS World Challenge Team departed Darwin for Africa. Nineteen students and two of our teachers will spend a month in Malawi and Zambia.

The group will spend thirty days exploring the region and participating in a community project and over the last few weeks have been having the adventure of a lifetime.

Our last update from the group saw them arrive in Malawi and spend several days trekking Mount Mulanje.

Pictured above is the group camping at 2300m above sea level and enjoying the breathtaking views!

On Sunday 1 December the group completed their hike of Mount Mulanje.

DHS Teacher, Aaron Dalgleish said

Finished an amazing hike in the Mulanje Massif. It was tough but we all made it through. 

From there the group headed to Fisherman's Rest to complete their community project.

Pictured above and below are the students making bricks which will be used to build schools. These bricks are more sustainable than the tradition bricks local buildings are made from. They do not require cooking which saves many trees from being cut down.

Between brick building shifts, students spent time playing football and reading to the kids at the community centre, preschool and after-school care.

A quick cool off in the pool before another session of brick building.

The Team then used the bricks they had made to build walls for a school.

On Friday 6 December the team spent their last day on their community project.

DHS Teacher, Aaron Dalgleish said

Last day at the project the team is working hard to get as much done as possible. Had a look around the school today. Over 100 students in each class, students sitting on concrete floors writing on old card board boxes. It was a real eye opener. When the library we are helping to build is finished it will take this school from on of the bottom 5% of schools in the country to one of the top 5% of schools in the country.

In addition to the school walls the group also spent some time planting trees to assist with rehabilitating some deforested hills.

On Saturday 7 December the Team departed Fisherman's Rest for Zambia.

DHS student, Harriet Masters-Jones said

We’re up and ready at 6am this morning for our full day of driving to Zambia. We’re officially half way through the trip and all incredibly keen for the weeks to come. We really enjoyed our time at Fishermen’s Rest and the range of experiences that we were able to enjoy. 

Below are some of Harriet's photos from the week.

The group travelled from Fisherman's Rest to Malawi to Zambia. Making the most of the twelve hour bus ride to catch up on a well earned rest. enjoyed seeing some of the African wildlife, going on a morning and an evening safari through South Luangwa National Park.

Well done everyone! What an incredible experience, we are proud of all of you.

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