Posted on 27 July, 2023

Italian Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class

In week 10 of Term 2, thanks to the support of the NT Government's International Education Innovation Grant, Darwin High School Italian language students had the opportunity to participate in a cooking class with our guest and professional chef, Alessio from Alfonsino’s. The students had the opportunity to create two typical Italian pasta dishes. Students were assembled into groups and were given specific jobs to do in the kitchen. They worked extremely well and cooked delicious dishes.

By Language teacher, Ms Tomassi

During the experience, Alessio taught the students different cooking techniques they could use to simplify their cooking, as well as the process of making their own hand made pasta, which students really appreciated.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

The cooking experience was very memorable because we got to make everything from scratch. I had never made pasta the way we made it yesterday. It was fun, amazing, and absolutely delicious! The chef was so fun, and his very joking way of interaction lightened the mood in the kitchen and made it very fun and enjoyable during cooking. Everyone interacted and cooperated with each other to make the cooking very tasty and successful. Personally, my favourite was the vegetarian pasta, especially the rich taste of mozzarella and the fried eggplant. Everything in both the pastas were amazing and everyone had to fun time making it. Nova

The cooking class was really fun, and it was a cool experience because I had never made home-made pasta before. The chef guided us with kindness, and we all joked together. The vegetarian pasta was my favourite, and my favourite part of it was the fried eggplant. It brought everyone closer as we had to cooperate as a team. Amelia

The cooking class was great. the chef gave everyone different roles and managed the people well as he walked around the kitchen. I got to cut up vegetables and put the tomatoes in the oven to caramelize. The class made a pasta and Bolognese and a vegetarian pasta bake. Overall, it worked really great, and the food was awesome. Peter

If you are interested in tasting more amazing Italian dishes, visit Alfonsino’s at Shop 19 + 20, 69 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT 0800.

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