Posted on 07 April, 2021



Last week our Stage 2 Dance students' performance of Kaleidoscope showcased the exceptional talents of Darwin High Schools 2021 Creative Arts Dance students.

By Dance Teacher, Ms Calver

In week 9 of Term 1, ten intelligent, extraordinary, interesting and proficient DHS senior dance students immersed themselves into the performance phase of Kaleidoscope. The DHS Dance space transformed into an intimate theatre environment thanks to the cast, production volunteers, and creative team. Each dancer took a hands-on approach gaining insight into many theatrical elements, furthering their knowledge of the performing arts industry and their ability to communicate their creative ideas individually and collectively.

Their first performance gave me goosebumps- it was captivating and inspirational- each dancer sharing their journey through their bodies, committed to the innovative choreography and complex rhythmic patterning. Kaleidoscope was a performance for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some audience comments:

Lorna Murphy

Stunning effort by the Creative Art Dance performers. Impressive and innovative choreography. As usual, it is hard to imagine how the dancers can remember the moves. Their timing was impeccable. My favourite piece was where they exercised rhythmic breath work. It was breathtaking. Pun intended. Overall, I loved absorbing their intensity and creativity.

David McMicken

To all the dancers in Kaleidoscope. I very much enjoyed your performance. It showed great versatility in style, in the presentation of character, and in technique. I was impressed by the high contemporary dance technique and especially impressed with the intelligence in which you approached Jordan Bretherton's complex work. We are very lucky to be able to dance together here in Darwin and you all did the sector proud. I congratulate your teachers, choreographers, and other supporters for getting you to this high standard of youth dancing.

Kim Rowe

Loved Kaleidoscope tonight! Such a creative show with amazing choreography, impressive dance moves, and energy. Well done all!

Thevi Chelliah

It's amazing. Everyone should see it. The dancers are so talented n captivating. Bravo to all dancers and choreographers.

Lauren Mitchell

It was great Sarah! I admired the dancers strong sense of awareness and the bold yet soft manner they composed movement. They were able to synchronise well and I was captivated by their stage presence, swift transitions, as well as the combination of live performance with other media’s such as the projection and voice-overs. This was a very enjoyable, unique and meaningful performance.

Marita Smith

Thank you Sarah, to you, your students and choreographers for a wonderful evening of Dance. I very much appreciated all the work that has gone into this production and how all the different elements came together so beautifully, coupled with really interesting movement choices. All the best for your remaining performances.

Sally Crawford 

Strong ensemble work. This is always evident with your work and Joanna’s. A powerful narrative. Use of projection on screens and mattresses an innovative idea. Use of the introductions to the students at the end with the personal stories very moving. We too often hear negative stories so really lovely to hear those positive stories about each girl. Overall entertaining, thought-provoking, and a privilege to be in the audience.

Phoebe Mitchell

Kaleidoscope expressed a journey of emotions, that carried me as an audience member along with it. The production displayed each dancers individuality and strengths. The cast worked as a collective to portray their journey, whilst still representing each of their own personalities and identities, intensifying the messages and themes within the performance.


What I really enjoyed about kaleidoscope was how each persons’ personality was highlighted and appreciated and how the struggles and highlights of being a young woman growing up were explored. I also was very impressed with the technicality of the dancers especially in the gestural sections, each person was very rhythmic and elegant in all their movement especially in those sections. I thought it was a lovely piece and was very authentic and extremely enjoyable and captivating to watch.

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