Posted on 27 July, 2023

Latin Dance Workshop

Latin Dance Workshop

At the end of last term, Darwin High School Italian and Spanish language students had the opportunity to participate in a Latin dance workshop and a cooking class thanks to the support of the NT Government's International Education Innovation Grant.

By Language teacher, Ms Tomassi

During week 10, students at Darwin High School had the opportunity to take part in an engaging Latin Dance Workshop, led by our instructor Charlie. Over the course of two hours, students learned fundamental steps in both Salsa and Bachata, as well as valuable lessons on etiquette and demonstrating respect towards their dance partners.

What is Salsa?

Salsa is a lively and energetic dance that originated in the Caribbean, specifically in Cuba and Puerto Rico. It combines elements of Afro-Cuban music and Latin rhythms. Salsa is all about having fun, feeling the music, and moving your body to the beat.

In salsa, dancers usually move in pairs, with one person leading and the other following. The leader guides the dance and initiates different patterns and movements, while the follower responds and matches their steps. Salsa involves a lot of footwork, hip movements, and quick turns, creating a dynamic and exciting dance experience.

The music that accompanies salsa is vibrant and catchy, with a strong rhythm that makes you want to dance. Salsa songs often feature instruments like drums, la clave, trumpets, and guitars, and the lyrics can be in Spanish, and sometimes mixed with English.

Salsa is not just about the steps and movements; it's also about the connection and communication between the dancers. It's a social dance, so people often gather at salsa clubs or events to enjoy the music, meet new people, and show off their dance skills.

What is bachata?

Bachata is a lively and rhythmic dance that originates from the Dominican Republic. It has a slower tempo compared to salsa. When you dance bachata, you also dance with a partner and engage in energetic footwork, side-to-side steps, and hip movements. The dance style allows you to connect with the music and enjoy the beat while creating a dynamic and engaging performance.

Bachata music can be melodic and heartfelt, with lyrics that tell stories about love and passion, or it can have a lively and catchy rhythm. You'll often hear guitars, bongos, and other instruments playing in the background, making it perfect for getting into the groove and having a great time on the dance floor.

Overall, both Salsa and Bachata are popular at parties, events, and dance studios. They are fun and energetic dance styles that allow you to express yourself and enjoy the rhythm and music. Learning these dances are a great way to have a good time, meet new people, and stay active while not only improving your coordination and rhythm, but also immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Latin dance.

The workshop was a huge success and received positive feedback from the students who participated.

I had a great experience with the Latin dance, it was very fun, and I would love to do it again. The demonstrations and teaching of the dance moves and steps were very easy to follow. Ethan

The dance class was very interactive and energetic. I had an amazing time learning both types of dances. The steps were easy and very simple, but the teacher taught us to dance in a way which made the dances seem very elegant and graceful. Miss Tomassi and the dance teacher guided us through each of the steps and always kept us entertained. The dance teacher was also very cheerful and kept us all dancing throughout the double lesson. Overall, the experience was very entertaining and beautiful, and I personally enjoyed it. Nova

I really enjoyed the class; it was a little challenging but quite fun once I got the hang of it. It was also very enjoyable meeting new people in that way. Thank you. Joanna

The dance had a sophisticated tone and was elegant. Dancing was upbeat and relaxing. I enjoyed the music and seeing the other dancers' expressions. Was a very unique experience! Muhammad

The dance class took everyone out of their shells and was a lot less embarrassing than I thought it would be. The moves were easy and fun and now I feel I can dance with confidence. Amelia

The Latin dancing class was fun. I was pretty bad at first, but eventually everyone got better. It was very interactive, and we were taught well. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot, and it wouldn't be unwise to assume as much for everyone else. Peter

The workshop was very interactive and helped us socialize with others. I also had a lot of fun :). Tarah

It was fun, I would mess up a bit, but it was a fun experience. I would love to do it again. I enjoyed learning a new dance. Thank you! Lexie 

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