Posted on 21 June, 2024

Inspiring STEM Program Module 2

By students Rose and Emima

The Inspiring STEM program is a program that aims at young girls, mainly year 10’s, to introduce them to the career path of working in construction. There are 8 modules which will be covered across 2 year, with different topics to introduce in the field. Module 2 discussed about the Environment & Sustainability in construction.

On Friday 14th of June, Module 2 started with discussions encouraging students to interact with different topics focusing on environmental factors in construction. We also looked at how sustainability was factored in construction and the impact in the long run. Two female construction engineers, Abby and Alex, led the presentation by assisting us to think about different environmental and sustainability pathways within the construction industry.

Our second activity consisted of students constructing and designing a tower. We competed in teams to see who could build the highest tower. At the end, each groups tower was compared by uniqueness and advantage over different areas that they would excel in such as comparing it to the environment and natural disasters.