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International Science School

International Science School

The Harry Messel International Science School (ISS) is a 2-week scholarship program based in the University of Sydney, where approximately 130 top science students from Australia and overseas participate in a 2-week series of science-based lectures and activities, delivered by world-renowned scientists and guest lecturers.

By Year 11 student Crisostomo Remulla

I was fortunate enough to represent Darwin High School and was flown into Sydney from the 7 July to 20 of July, where all scholars stayed at the Kincoppal Rose Bay Boarding School on the edge of the eastern harbour. Each day usually consisted of two lectures and two activities at the University of Sydney, followed by social activities at night such as the harbour cruise, as well as sightseeing over the weekend.

The theme this year was ‘Frontier Science’, where future and innovative prospects of all areas of science were explored. I got to experience fascinating lectures, from quantum computing, particle physics and astrophysics, to “how to make a nanorobot using DNA Origami”, precision medicine, machine learning, modelling climate change and many more ‘frontiers of science’. These were delivered by high profile people, from Ex NASA Flight Director Matt Abbott to Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, an astrophysicist known for her 20th century discovery of pulsars.

Hands on activities included using VR and their applications in psychological research, the Science and Engineering Challenge, a crash course in university-level ethics of science, Kickstart Chem, Physics and Bio and other engaging activities.

What really made this trip worthwhile however meeting some amazing people across the globe, sharing knowledge, experiences and memories we’ll carry through our lifetime. Although I’m even more confused as to what I should do when I graduate, I encourage everyone with a passion for science who will be in Year 11 or 12 in 2021 to apply for the 41st ISS.

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