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TIME 2015

TIME 2015

Darwin High School Dance Department regularly create and present significant youth dance theatre works with mentor and local professional choreographer Joanna Noonan. Transcending expectations allows us to create new, exciting and innovative work which allows dance to continue to move forward and remain relevant.

TIME is a powerful, expressive and entertaining performance that was first created by Joanna Noonan in 2011 and was successfully remounted in 2015 featuring a new cast with guest artists Julia Quinn and Darren Edwards.

A truly exceptional performance.

Few people would doubt the importance of informing today’s youth of the risks they face from reckless driving. The challenge is to put this message into a package which young people will treat as credible and will listen to. This is the great success of this production - TIME speaks directly to today’s youth through a polished and creative performance combining dance, music and strikingly dramatic imagery. It is powerful stuff and should be seen by every child of high school age. TIME presented its message in a raw and brave manner with the intention that it will help save lives.

Audiences were captivated as the many characters in TIME came to life and this powerful performance illustrated the extraordinary talents of the cast. Every night the performance was fuelled with emotion and each cast member committed to every moment which gave audiences goose bumps and reminded them how powerfully dance connects with youth. The unanimous response from audiences was how important and relevant the message in TIME is to a cross section of people.

Everyone felt the impact of Julia Quinn as the mother – her portrayal of losing a child is honest, heart-wrenching and confronting. Here’s a snippet of TIME 2015 audience responses:

Thank you for inviting us to the fabulous performance TIME. I left feeling sorrowful, thinking of people I have known who have died tragically in this way. That when we are young carefree and careless may feel the same, but they are not the same. I left feeling mournful for the loss of a future and the years of grief to family and friends, from a careless decision made by carefree youth. My teenagers could identify with the clever, special and loved Charlie, there was not the usual laughter and banter on the drive home after this performance. Eventually we talked quietly about our thoughts and of the finality of that bad decision. A great performance – a meaningful performance. Thank you

TIME 2015 exposed new audiences to the arts, it touched the hearts of all who saw it and the feedback has been fantastic. In 2016 we aim to remount TIME at the Darwin Entertainment Centre, similar to 2012 as a major NT Road Safety Program targeting novice drivers in schools combined with a touring program - so that the power of TIME can be shared with youth in other states. We anticipated that TIME 2015 would ignite interest from various NT Government Departments and local / national businesses to support this vision.

Darwin High School Dance Department encourage future potential partners/sponsors to contact Sarah Calver at [email protected].

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