Our History

The history of Darwin High School is closely interwoven with the history of the Northern Territory in general and Northern Territory education in particular.

Over half a century of education

Secondary education was first offered in the immediate post World War II years at Darwin Higher Primary School in Woods Street administered from South Australia. Darwin High School was formally established in 1956 in set of makeshift buildings adjacent to the Primary School. The relocation to our currently Bullocky Point site began in 1963, with the official opening in 1966.

The timeline below contains information on some of the key milestones in our school history and the history of the Bullocky Point site. We welcome contributions from past students, staff and community members, including photographs and memorabilia.

History timeline


Victor Lampe establishes a High School class at Darwin Public School with 21 students.


A High School is formally established with Victor Lampe as Principal.


Vestey's Meatworks close along with the High School.


Darwin Public School closed because of World War II. The evacuation of women and children begins. During the War Bullocky Point serves as an Army barracks.


Darwin Public School is re-opened with M.S Kennedy as Principal.Initially the school catered to 69 students, this quickly grows to 150.


Darwin Higher Primary School established with Mrs Mary Tanner in charge. The school school caters to 525 students in total.


Murray Haines becomes Principal.


A poem by student Rosalie Frith


Alistair McK Cant becomes Principal.


Bill Laidlaw becomes Principal.


Darwin High School is re-established. A set of makeshift buildings adjacent to the Primary School form the nucleus of the school with 150 students in attendance. The Principal is Frank Semmens. The school adopts the motto ESSE QUAM VIDERI, which means To Be Rather Than To Seem To Be. An open competition is held to find a suitable logo. To everyone's surprise, the logo judged to best epitomise the new school is designed by Gordon (Gus) Withnall, a 14 year old student. Hymn 45 from Presbyterian Hymn book is chosen as the school hymn by Senior Mistress Myra Lillywhite.


Students at Government House


Tom A Kissell becomes principal. The school has 176 students enrolled.


Darwin High School begins relocation to its present site at Bullocky Point. 'A' Block is occupied on 16 September. The school has 505 students enrolled.


Magazine editorial by Student Ken Butler


Cricket nets, tennis and basketball courts are established. The school has 686 students enrolled.


Darwin High School is official opened at Bullocky Point by the Governor General, Lord Casey.'B' Block is now occupied and the oval is established. Over 800 students are now enrolled.


Ruben Goldswothy becomes principal. On 10 March the Duke of Edinburgh visits. Over 940 students are enrolled at the school.


Visit from the Prime Minister of Australia, the Rt Hon J.G. Gorton.


The Duke and Duchess of Kent visit the school.


A (Tony) Shinkfield becomes Principal.


Merv Brooks becomes Principal. Temporary demountables are located on the site to form 'D' Block.


A Media Centre is built.


Len Sheargold becomes Principal. On 24 December Cyclone Tracy devastates the city of Darwin.


Following Cyclone Tracy, the school buildings become much more than a school to many thousands of people in Darwin. For several weeks a communal kitchen and a huge supermarket operated at the School. In spite of all the difficulties of that period, the 1975 school year started at Darwin High School only one week later than the scheduled starting date. Enrolments on the first day were 575, almost double the number expected.


Ralph N Green becomes Principal.


School magazine 1977


Kerry Moir acts as Principal, until Ralph N Green returns in 1981.The Arts facilities of ‘C’ Block are increased substantially.


Bill Doherty becomes Principal.


The first dedicated computer lab in any NT school is established in B23. The Tank is converted into a multipurpose complex with one half serving as a gymnasium and a Dance/Drama Auditorium, and the other half as an outdoor stage/ampitheatre. Many years ago, a burgeoning export meat industry was based on the Bullocky Point site. The Abattoir lasted but a few years from 1917 to 1922. The Tank continued for some years to supplement the city's water supply and is all that remains today of that thriving industry.


During World War II Bullocky Point served as an Army barracks. The remnants of the Darwin Mobile Force returned to Bullocky Point to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their posting to the site in March 1939. Senior Students taking the NT Studies Course use the veterans' services to research landmarks and relics of that period.


Darwin High School Magazine


Don Zoellner is appointed as an interim Principal before John Dove commences as Principal in 1992.


Sue Murphy acts as Principal.


John Glasby becomes Principal. The school has over 1000 enrolments.


The Darwin High School Year Book


Vicki Stokes is appointed as interim Principal before Paul Erikson commences as Principal in 2003. The Fish Pond Project, a student initiative, is formally opened.


Marion Guppy becomes Principal. The school has over 1300 student enrolments.


The new 'E' Block is occupied and the top floor of 'A' Block is refurbished.The school has 1400 student enrolments.


The $8 million new Science Block is official opened. This is the final intake of Year 8 students as Middle School are introduced in the NT and the new Darwin Middle School is built on the Bullocky Point site.


Darwin High School's first year operating as a senior secondary school catering to students in year 10, 11 and 12 only. Significant timetable changes take place to accommodate a senior secondary focus. There are 1150 students enrolled.


In October Trevor Read commences as Principal. Over 1200 students are enrolled at the school.


A series of events are held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Darwin High School at the Bullocky Point site, culminating with a black tie ball for 200 guests on the lawns of SkyCity Darwin. Andrew Liveris from the Class of 1969 announces a $500,00 donation to the school.On 16 September, 50 Years to the day when students occupied 'A' Block, a time capsule is sealed by former 1963 students Kenny Wong and Judy (Swan) Beard. The capsule contains message to the students of Darwin High School in 2063.


Darwin High School becomes one of the first NT Government Independent Public Schools.


In July Jill Hazeldine commences as Principal. Over 1200 students are enrolled at the school.


Cyclone Marcus hit Darwin in March leaving many suburbs and the school without power and knocking down many of the big trees on campus. A team of Army volunteers assisted with the cleanup and the school reopened after just a few days.


In October the Honourable Selena Uibo MLA, Minister for Education officially opened the new STEAM building.

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