School board

Darwin High School is an Independent Public School. This means that our principal and our school representative body have a greater role in decision-making and there is stronger engagement between our school and the community.

About the school board

The Darwin High School Board:

  • has a strong focus on strategic planning, monitoring and reporting
  • works together with the principal to create and achieve the long-term vision for the school
  • involves the school community in the governance of the school to strengthen and support public education in the community, and
  • maintains genuine autonomy at all stages of its dealings on behalf of parents, students, teachers and the wider school community.

The Board is incorporated under the Education Act (2015), and operates within Department of Education policies. Broadly the functions of the Board include:

  • advising the principal about the educational needs of the community and policy implementation
  • assessing and advising on the physical needs of the school
  • overseeing work on buildings and grounds being carried out at the school
  • building links between parents, community groups and the school
  • determining the school’s annual budget
  • determining community use of school facilities
  • employing school board staff.

A key area of focus for the Board is the implementation and monitoring of the Darwin High School Strategic Plan 2020-2023.

The 2021 Darwin High School Board

Parent members:

  • Alison Fitzgerald (Secretary)
  • Anne Davis
  • Anja Moritz-Zimmermann
  • Dr Peter Anderson (Chair)
  • Duncan Poulson (Treasurer)
  • Max Ibrahim
  • Peter Sargeant
  • Simon Niblock 
  • Stella Zhang
  • Yasuyo Patel

Invited members:

  • Russell Keith


  • Jill Hazeldine

Teacher members:

  • Mark Bunnett
  • Rodney Cremona
  • Peter Coulter
  • Tony Valle

Student representatives:

  • This is a shared role by members of our Student Representative Council
As a member of the School Board and as a parent, I have witnessed the resilience, dedication, and passion of our teachers and staff and I acknowledge them for these qualities and their efforts throughout the year. To all the teachers and support staff, thank you for your hard work and commitment to the students and to the school. I would also like to thank the parents of Darwin High School. Helping your children prosper takes energy, patience, and perseverance in a regular year. 2020 has been no ordinary year and I’m sure your young people will have appreciated and benefitted from your love and support. To the parents, families, and friends of Darwin High School, the School Board values your support and the efforts that many of you have been able to contribute to the School. Peter Anderson, Parent and School Board Chair 2020

Get involved

All members of the school community are welcome to contribute to the board. This can be through engaging with board members directly, attending board meetings as an observer, participating in feedback and consultations or by becoming a member of a board subcommittee.

The Compass App

Students and their families are encouraged to download the Darwin High School Compass app to their smart phone/tablet device. Compass app allows you to stay up to date with announcements and events, complete a range of e-forms for student absences and excursions and easily contact us via phone or email direct from the app.

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